Saturday, 2 February 2013


Mehdi Zand on the latest of Combat International 
(The Worlds Greatest Martial Arts Magazine)
Stay Alive with Mehdi Zand is the title of an exclusive two part interview with the UK based and oldest martial arts magazine in the world. His image is now on every major newsstand in Europe and USA.

Here Mehdi Zand talks openly about his background, his unique philosophy and how the Exordium has influenced the development of Sef Shin, the secret combat of fire.

With more than 72,000 copies published worldwide, everybody will get a chance to find out who Mehdi Zand is and what has motivated him to become one of the most highly decorated and well known martial artists in the world today.

This issue marks Grandmaster Mehdi Zand’s biggest and greatest achievement in the UK to date, click here to read the interview in full or visit